NETGEAR is committed to developing innovative new products and new product features that increase energy efficiency, use fewer resources, and meet or exceed global environmental standards. We are setting comprehensive benchmarks for products that carry the NETGEAR Green logo. NETGEAR Green means INNOVATION - a commitment to smarter, greener products, helping businesses and homes use less energy and save money.

Standards & Compliance

See a list of all the global environmental standards that NETGEAR Green products are in compliance with.

Standards & Compliance

NETGEAR Sustainability

In 2014 NETGEAR published its first sustainability report which encompasses our annual performance, greenhouse gas emissions and reduction projects. This document represents NETGEAR’S commitment to all stakeholders interested and will be released on an annual basis. NETGEAR continues to improve its sustainability program since its inception in 2013 with a commitment to reduce energy, water and waste throughout our supply chain. For more detailed information about our sustainability program please view NETGEAR’S sustainability report below.